Come October

Come OctoberCome October showcases 16 tales of “autumnal horror” — stories that take as their theme this glorious and ever-changing part of the year.

The Table of Contents is as follows:

This Familiar Autumn Hour — Michael Kelly
Man of Leaves — Douglas Thompson
She Leaves — Tara Laskowski
The Loosening Bones — Tom Johnstone
All the Faithful Departed — David Peak
Autumnal Rites — James Pate
Children of TOW’R — C.W. Blackwell
Gossamer — Kurt Newton
The Scare Groom — Patrick Barb
Pop Art Madonna — Xavier Garcia
Far From the Tree — Tim Major
This Thing of Straw — Melissa Elborn
Autumn Reunion — Charles Wilkinson
Swing Back — Robert Helfst
The Spring Makers — Armel Dagorn
Winter is Coming — Mark Howard Jones

Planned publication date is October 1, 2023


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