Release Day: CMQ #1

Chthonic Matter Half-coverHappy Spring, everyone! I am delighted to announce the release of the debut edition of Chthonic Matter Quarterly, a new venue dedicated to dark fiction. Fans of the Nightscript series won’t want to miss out on this one.

Table of Contents:
“Love Is A Ghost You See With Your Heart” by Luciano Marano
“The Dead Radio Broadcasts” by Charles Wilkinson
“Song of a Crow” by Eygló Karlsdóttir
“Amusement” by Perry Ruhland
“The Low Thing” by Eli Wennstrom
“Somewhere Warm On A Golden Beach” by Kevin Brown
“Vasilisa Who Ran” by Patricia Lillie
“A Love So Deep” by Christian Riley

Vol. 1, Issue 1:
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Come October

Come OctoberCome October showcases 16 tales of “autumnal horror” — stories that take as their theme this glorious and ever-changing part of the year.

The Table of Contents is as follows:

This Familiar Autumn Hour — Michael Kelly
Man of Leaves — Douglas Thompson
She Leaves — Tara Laskowski
The Loosening Bones — Tom Johnstone
All the Faithful Departed — David Peak
Autumnal Rites — James Pate
Children of TOW’R — C.W. Blackwell
Gossamer — Kurt Newton
The Scare Groom — Patrick Barb
Pop Art Madonna — Xavier Garcia
Far From the Tree — Tim Major
This Thing of Straw — Melissa Elborn
Autumn Reunion — Charles Wilkinson
Swing Back — Robert Helfst
The Spring Makers — Armel Dagorn
Winter is Coming — Mark Howard Jones

Planned publication date is October 1, 2023

Secondary Roads

Half-cover“A strangely beguiling collection of frissons.
—Michael Kelly, Undertow Publications

My sophomore collection, Secondary Roads, releases today, and I couldn’t be happier. The book contains twelve tales (eight previously published and four new), and I hope you will be well-pleased with its “strange and darksome” contents. Thank you for your support!

Available on

Praise for Hidden Folk, my 2018 debut collection:

“Remarkable…The best stories do a lot in a very short space.”
—Brian Evenson, author of A Collapse of Horses

“The writing here is so assured it’s hard to believe it’s a debut.”
—David Longhorn, editor of Supernatural Tales, on “Vrangr”

“Muller’s stories are sorrowful and stay in my head like folk tales…They haunt me long after finishing them.”
—Christopher Slatsky, author of Alectryomancer

“An excellent, enigmatic, and precise examination of the topography of the weird. Recommended!”
—Michael Kelly, editor of Year’s Best Weird Fiction

“Darkly didactic…Those who follow Muller through these thresholds will remain haunted.”
—Clint Smith, author of Ghouljaw and The Skeleton Melodies

“An author of strange fiction to keep a close eye on.”
—Simon Strantzas, author of Nothing is Everything

“A landmark collection.”
—Des Lewis, Real-Time Reviews

Nightscript — Vol. VIII

N8 HalfcoverNightscript received some truly amazing dark fiction during its open reading period this past January, and today I am pleased to reveal the contents of volume eight. Thanks to everyone who submitted!

Here, then, are the “nightscripters” of 2022:

N is for Night — Steve Rasnic Tem
I Came Back — Christi Nogle
The Mythologization of Tymber Prescott in Five Selected Photos — Luciano Marano
Homecoming — Joshua Rex
The Abandoned — Jo Kaplan
Kindling — M.C. St. John
The Drums of Baron Ridge — John Garland Wells
Sophie Anne — Harrison Demchick
Ghosts of the Pantal — Daniel Braum
Hairberg — Sam Dawson
The Change — Justin A. Burnett
Queen Bee — Grace Lillie
Malocclusion — Dixon March
Limber Lost — K. Wallace King
Ghost Girl — J. S. Kuiken
This Night I Will Have My Revenge on the Cold Clay in Which We Lie — LC von Hessen
The Wardrobe — Gordon Brown
It Goes Without Saying — Patrick Barb

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Scripting October

FullSizeRenderToday marks the official release-date of Nightscript, and I must say that I am overjoyed (and a bit relieved) to finally be able to craft this entry. When I originally announced, back in January, that I was planning to publish an anthology devoted to “strange stories,” I was amazed by the positive response. I can only hope that now, ten months later, this interest still holds. Now that the journal has become a reality, it’s hard to imagine that I nearly shelved the idea, thinking the project would take away from my own writing and (even more importantly) family life. But the exact opposite occurred. During the stages of fashioning the anthology, I found myself in the midst of various (and most welcome) surges of creativity, and my kids were delighted to see how a book comes together. I can only hope that I have created an exciting new venue which will thrive (in the form of numerous subsequent volumes) for many years to come. And now, good reader, it’s time to take the plunge. The nøkk awaits…

Nightscript can be purchased from

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