Oculus Sinister

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Oculus Sinister features 20 dark visions, all of which take as their inspiration the theme of “visual perception” — stories involving eyesight, mirrors, cameras, film, television, and the like.

Here is the Table of Contents:

Lucida — Seán Padraic Birnie
The Other Floor — Brian Evenson
Black-Eyed Susan — Elana Gomel
Brad Dourif’s Tears — Douglas Ford
Dead Bread Head — Shannon Scott
The Other One — Timothy Granville
The Obscurantist — LC von Hessen
Doorgrave To the Bittersea — Mark Howard Jones
The Eyedom — Rhonda Eikamp
The Visible Changes — Charles Wilkinson
Director’s Cut — James Pate
Contrition (1998) — J.A.W. McCarthy
Angelica’s Elegy — Christopher K. Miller
When This is Over — Selene dePackh
The Bells Line of Road — M.R. Cosby
Your Desolation Will Be Great — Michael Kelly
When You See It — Rebecca J. Allred
Vile Jellies — John Langan
E is For Eye — Steve Rasnic Tem
We Are Eternal — Sam Richard

Publication date is December 20/20

Cover art is by Yaroslav Gerzhedovich (via Shutterstock)

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