Release Day: CMQ #1

Chthonic Matter Half-coverHappy Spring, everyone! I am delighted to announce the release of the debut edition of Chthonic Matter Quarterly, a new venue dedicated to dark fiction. Fans of the Nightscript series won’t want to miss out on this one.

Table of Contents:
“Love Is A Ghost You See With Your Heart” by Luciano Marano
“The Dead Radio Broadcasts” by Charles Wilkinson
“Song of a Crow” by Eygló Karlsdóttir
“Amusement” by Perry Ruhland
“The Low Thing” by Eli Wennstrom
“Somewhere Warm On A Golden Beach” by Kevin Brown
“Vasilisa Who Ran” by Patricia Lillie
“A Love So Deep” by Christian Riley

Vol. 1, Issue 1:
> Paperback or eBook: via Amazon
> Paperback (Publisher): via PayPal ($12.99 + shipping)

> One-Year (4 issues) via PayPal ($45 + shipping)
> Two-Year (8 issues) via PayPal ($85 + shipping)


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