Oculus Sinister

Today I am pleased to reveal the contents of Oculus Sinister, my new themed anthology featuring 20 dark visions, all of which take as their inspiration the theme of “visual perception” (stories involving eyesight, mirrors, cameras, film, television, and the like). The theme-prompt proved very successful — a big thanks to everyone who submitted!

Here, then, are the Contents:

Lucida Seán Padraic Birnie
The Other Floor Brian Evenson
Black-Eyed Susan Elana Gomel
Brad Dourif’s Tears Douglas Ford
Dead Bread Head Shannon Scott
The Other One Timothy Granville
The Obscurantist LC von Hessen
Doorgrave To the Bittersea Mark Howard Jones
The Eyedom Rhonda Eikamp
The Visible Changes Charles Wilkinson
Director’s Cut James Pate
Contrition (1998) — J.A.W. McCarthy
Angelica’s Elegy Christopher K. Miller
When This is Over Selene dePackh
The Bells Line of Road M.R. Cosby
Your Desolation Will Be Great Michael Kelly
When You See It Rebecca J. Allred
Vile Jellies John Langan
E is For Eye Steve Rasnic Tem
We Are Eternal Sam Richard

Publication date is November 20/20. Order information can be found here.


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