Nightscript — Vol. VI

Nightscript 6 Cover

Cover art: Yaroslav Gerzhedovich (via Shutterstock)

Today I am pleased to reveal the contents of volume six of Nightscript, and would like to extend a big note of thanks to everyone who submitted a tale for consideration. It was a privilege to read your work.

Here, then, are the “nightscripters” of 2020:

Dauda’s Return — Timothy Dodd
The Patent-Master — LC von Hessen
Let Your Hinged Jaw Do the Talking — Tom Johnstone
The Best Thing About Her — Ralph Robert Moore
What Crows Mean — Julia Rust
A Postcard From White Dunes — Jeremy Schliewe
Baddavine — Dan Coxon
Beyond the Lace — Charles Wilkinson
The Gods Shall Lay Sore Trouble Upon Them — Christi Nogle
A Photograph — Alexander James
The Owner— Francesco Corigliano
Passed Pawn
— Selene dePackh

The Death Bodies of Kanggye — Kurt Newton
Loneliness — James Owens
Victims of a Transitional Time in Morality — J.R. Hamantaschen
The Whisper Gallery — Amelia Gorman
Long Rock — Gary Budden

Volume VI will be released on October 1st. Preorder information can be found here.

Until then, I hope you’ll check out the previous editions of Nightscript, available in either print or e-edition.

New to the anthology? Check out this Special Bundle Offer.


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