The Yellow Booke

Yellow BookeI’m pleased to report that I’ve had a tale accepted for the inaugural issue of Michael Grant Kellermeyer’s The Yellow Booke, slated for publication later this year. “The Afterwalk,” which is one of my personal favorites, features an elderly protagonist who, after breaking his hip, ends up in the same care facility as his dementia-suffering wife. Let’s just say that their close proximity initiates a “transformation” of sorts.

If Mr. Kellermeyer’s name is unfamiliar to you, let it be no longer. He is the proprietor of the wildly ambitious small press, Oldstyle Tales, which has been publishing lavishly illustrated and annotated editions of Weird Fiction classics since 2012. I highly recommend visiting his website and blog, wherein you will encounter many an astute observation regarding our beloved genre. Considering how much has been accomplished in the few years since Oldstyle’s inception, the future of this press seems destined for grandstyle things.

Oldstyle’s newest release is Dracula, which can be purchased from Amazon. Previous editions collect the works of Algernon Blackwood, Guy de Maupassant, and Fitz-James O’Brien, to name but a few. And the lineup of future projects is equally intoxicating: Lovecraft, Bierce, Chambers, Machen….

Update (10/23): The Yellow Booke is now available for purchase from Amazon or can be viewed online at the publisher’s website. Enjoy!