An Exquisite Ghost

Alice WalksOne of my favorite novels of the past year was this ghostly little gem. Here is a mini-review I penned on Goodreads back in August.

There are few books which infect me to a degree that I simply cannot put them down, books that need to be carried around or kept in close proximity even when I am not actively reading them. Such was the case with Michael Aronovitz’s exquisite first novel, Alice Walks, which contains a narrative power I have not encountered since The Catcher in the Rye. The protagonist is a young boy whose “voice” is the equal of Holden Caulfield, though not derivative; and this, coupled with the inventive (and wholly original) ghost story on display, makes for quite a scintillating read. The ghost of Alice Arthur is one of the most chilling antagonists ever to see the light of day (or in this case, the dark of night).

Alice Walks is available direct from the publisher, Centipede Press.


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