Time to “Aim High”

I am happy to report that Aim High is now available for purchase. This marks the culmination of a nearly year-long project undertaken by myself and A. M. Decker. For this weird scrivener, it has been the project of a lifetime.

From the front flap: “The wonderfully weird work of Joseph A. West has graced the covers and interior pages of many a small-press magazine over the years, but until now it has never been collected in a single volume. Aim High exhibits the majority of Mr. West’s poetry, prose and artwork. Weird, macabre, morbid (call it what you will) no one does it quite like the inimitable Joe West. Horror and humor intermingle to stunning effect in this monumental collection by one of the true masters of the field.”

Aim High is a trade paperback just under 300 pages and is being sold for $20 (plus $5 s/h). Each is manufactured and sewn by hand. If you are interested in obtaining a copy, please email me for ordering information.

UPDATE (2/3/20): This book is currently out of print, but here is a link to the PDF version of the book:

AIM HIGH by Joseph A. West

Thank you and enjoy!