Pugmire’s Vlog

As a parent of two rambunctious children, I currently have but three calming vices in my life: writing, reading, and the vlog of W. H. Pugmire. It is a bit ironic, really, given the fact that Pugmire has stated on more than one occasion that his own home life is continually chaotic. But calm is not all which Pugmire brings to this lover of weird fiction. He is extraordinarily insightful in all matters Lovecraftian. Indeed, he has been “the ultimate fanboy” of HPL since the 1970s, and today is considered one of the top Lovecraftian kids on the block. While I have only begun to dip into his fiction, to hear him speak of his fictional Sesqua Valley (the setting of much of his work) is fascinating and inspiring to say the least. Feel free to experience Pugmire’s vlog for yourself. If schooling in HPL (and all matters weird) is what ye seek, ye can’t go wrong with WHP.


One thought on “Pugmire’s Vlog

  1. Very sweet of you, my dear! I’m very glad you enjoy my vlogs, & I certainly enjoy recording them, especially when I have chums come for a visit. Best wishes,
    WHP, Esq.


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