The Man Who Collected Samuels

An author who consistently impresses me, and from whom I draw inestimable inspiration, is Mark Samuels. While I do not recall the online story which began my obsession, I do know that it affected me greatly and pushed me to seek out any and all of his works. First came his collection The White Hands from Tartarus Press, then Glyphotech from PS Publishing, and most recently The Man Who Collected Machen from Ex Occidente Press and Chômu Press, respectively. Mr. Samuels is responsible for inadvertently encouraging me to revisit my own weird fiction roots. Indeed, this was the form in which I first attempted to write in my late teens, and which preoccupies my thoughts and scribblings these days. Mark Samuels has that rare ability to seem both modern and classic in the same instant. He is an author who will be read and admired well into the coming centuries.



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